Capabilities in the energy sector

Lanier Wallingford International (LWI) has a comprehensive skill base with world-renowned staff in all marine disciplines. With expertise ranging from jetty design to coastal protection, from navigation simulation to construction management, we can address almost any aspect of terminal design with extensive experience and consummate professionalism.

Marine import & export terminals

Design Development

  • site selection

    We evaluate site alternatives from a marine perspective to help our clients to choose the best location for their project.
  • marine site investigation

    We assess baseline conditions for marine sites by measuring waves, currents, winds, bathymetry, suspended material, combined water levels.
  • regulatory permits management

    We have a long experience working with environmental authorities at Federal, State and local level. We guide our clients through the maze of legal requirements for water, air, solid/hazardous waste.
  • marine survey

    We have expertise in
    • dock damage surveys,
    • marine consulting and design,
    • appraisal and evaluations,
    • hull, machinery damage evaluations,
    • salvage consultations and management,
    • condition surveys and cargo inspection,
    • fabrication estimating, construction management
  • dredging
  • environmental design criteria
  • marine terminal design

    We have experience in all terminal types and configurations. We assess and design marine terminals with specific focus on layout, navigation, breakwater stability, dredged channels, trestle design.
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  • navigation simulation
  • site protection
  • terminal operation modelling

    Our industry proven software PortOps has been developed in-house to model operation and efficiency of marine terminals. PortOps represents the individual components of the terminal operation such as historic / forecast weather conditions, tug and pilot availability, future traffic projections and local navigation rules as modules or ‘building blocks’ to develop an operational replica of the terminal in question. Changes and modifications based upon simulation results can be made quickly as an iterative process to optimize various terminal parameters such as LNG tank storage capacity.
  • mooring analysis and effects of passing vessels

    We use our in-house SHIPMOOR modelling suite to carry out fully dynamic mooring analysis to optimize the design of mooring systems. The SHIPMOOR modelling suite includes other established models such as PASSHIP which is used to assess the forces acting on moored ships due to passing vessels.
    In most cases numerical models represent the physical processes well however, for more complex layouts it may be appropriate to validate the results of numerical models using our physical modelling facilities.
  • independent third party review

    Regulators and investors alike often require independent third party reviews to ensure that suitable steps have been taken in design to adequately mitigate the development risks.
    Our experience and staff of internationally recognised experts makes us ideally placed to provide independent peer reviews at any stage of the project from feasibility through to the final investment decision.

Basic Engineering

  • project management
  • mechanical/process
  • civil/structural
  • instruments and control
  • marine facility design
  • failure analysis/consultation
  • environmental
  • vapor control
  • construction management

Terminal Operations

  • forecasting services
  • navigation simulation

    We provide real-time coastal marine forecast and warning services to increase safety, especially during construction, and improve operational efficiency of marine facilities. Our services are based on renowned computational modelling tools.
  • due diligence

    Our vast and wide ranging experience in the ports and marine terminals sector makes us ideally placed to provide technical advice and input to due diligence studies for port expansion projects and/or project acquisitions.

Other areas of focus

Intakes & outfalls

Pipes & pipelines

Marine renewable energy

Nuclear power



As well as the provision of a complete service for the development of marine terminal projects we have the ability to deal with any project element in isolation. LWI is capable of providing detailed support, review and consultancy for specific issues.

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